About C.W. Roe Creative Adventures

I’m not a complicated artist.  I really just love words, images, sound, and the energy they harness together.

My strength and passion are the images.  My main focus during my first fifteen years of shooting was on travel, wildlife, and macro projects that I worked on rambling across five continents and as close to home as my own Chicago front stoop.


Since 2016, I have almost exclusively focused on artist and concert photography. I have been blessed to creatively collaborate with several artists on a local record label on songwriting and photography projects.


I became an ASCAP publishing member in 2016, and since then have also received invitations to shoot at multiple venues including the long-gone-but-legendary Rock Island Daytrotter Studio, Chicago classics for emerging artists–Schuba’s, Lincoln Hall, the Green Mill and Vic Theatres–and even a trip to Ryman Auditorium.


A tagalong invite from an artist who remains a dear friend to this day to attend the 2016 SXSW Festival in Austin was also a major highlight. She was an unending source of encouragement for me then and now. She paid me for my photos with an old Gibson Flying-V–complete with a lightning-bolt guitar strap. It remains among my most treasured possessions.

If you’re an emerging artist in need of some promotional shots to help you get your music out to the masses, drop me a line!


This is a creative outlet and a longtime hobby for me, not a profession.  I can usually be bought for a ticket, a copy of your album, and/or if we have a long collaboration–a shout out in your liner notes!